Healing Service



Check out our Healing Service held on Thursday, March 16th, where many received a touch from God.

Watch the full Healing Service today.

Stay tuned for our next Healing Service. For more information call 330-494-9479

Don’t Just Take Our Word

Check out these testimonials from those that attended

“I had never been to a healing service. I teared up some. A young girl sat beside me and asked if she could pray for me. Made me tear up more, but it was very moving and very sweet of her.”

~ Anonymous

“I thought it was awesome. I was totally blown away by what the pastor’s wife saw. I truly felt the Lord’s presence.”

~ Deb

“This was the first time I was ever at a church for a healing service. I felt really blessed and welcomed to be there. You could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit there. I had a wonderful experience with the Healing Team. I stayed until the end just to take in some of the experiences the other folks were having. A friend of the pastor’s wife came up, and we struck up a conversation. She really helped me to understand the whole experience a lot better. I’m thankful I stayed until the end. I’m looking forward to my next experience there.”

~ Bernie

“I was so blessed to be in the service on Thursday. After taking a friend up for prayer and my husband and I had prayer for his mom, I sat down. I heard Jackie call out weariness and really needed that! Not wanting to get up again, I just sat still but felt the tiredness lift. Also had severe pain in my lift leg that lessened as I prayed. God meets us where we are.”


When it came time for prayer, I went up front because they talked about anyone having leg problems. I have neuropathy in both legs. After prayer I am experiencing improvement in both of my legs. I have more strength and agility which allows me to get up faster.”