Miracle Healing Service

If you need a touch from God, plan to come to our next MIRACLE HEALING SERVICE on

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 17th at 6 pm.

For more information, call the church office at 330-494-9479.



Check out our last Healing Service held on Friday, May 26th, where many received a touch from God.

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Check out this testimonial from a member of our congregation who has had healing and hope through Jesus Christ.

Don’t Just Take Our Word

Check out these testimonials from those that attended

“I thought it was awesome. I was totally blown away by what the pastor’s wife saw. I truly felt the Lord’s presence. ” ~Deb

“I had never been to a healing service. I teared up some. A young girl sat beside me and asked if she could pray for me. Made me tear up more, but it was very moving and very sweet of her. ” ~Anonymous

“This was the first time I was ever at a church for a healing service. I felt really blessed and welcomed to be there. You could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit there. I had a wonderful experience with a Healing Team. I stayed until the end just to take in some of the experiences the other folks were having. A friend of the pastor’s wife came up, and we struck up a conversation. She really helped me to understand the whole experience a lot better. I’m thankful I stayed until the end. I’m looking forward to my next experience there. ” ~Bernie

“I was so blessed to be in the service on Thursday. After taking a friend up for prayer and my husband and I had prayer for his mom, I sat down. I heard Jackie call out weariness and really needed that! Not wanting to get up again, I just sat still but felt the tiredness lift. Also had severe pain in my left leg that lessened as I prayed. God meets us where we are.” ~Martha

“When it came time for prayer, I went up front because they talked about anyone having leg problems. I have neuropathy in both legs. After prayer, I am experiencing improvement in both of my legs. I have more strength and agility which allows me to get up faster.” ~Anonymous

“First of all, I wasn’t sure what to expect out of a healing service. Very early into the informal service, there was an intense presence of the “Holy Spirit.” The praise team songs were very beautiful, enlightening and inspirational throughout the service. I was led up front after the service where many prayer partners were there waiting for those who wanted personal prayers. Forgiveness was definitely needed in my life and was enforced repeatedly throughout the service. “We need to forgive before we are forgiven. We also need to forgive the ones who are no longer with us here on earth if they have wronged us in any way. There were three people in my life whom I hadn’t completely forgiven. I actually had to say each person’s name out loud and why I hadn’t forgiven them. They also stated that if you backslide, talk to God and say I’ve already forgiven this person and why. This was profound and certainly wasn’t planned by any means. They also prayed for some physical ailments for myself and a family member. I’ve never felt so peaceful and my body actually felt lighter and tingly after this glorified experience. I briefly spoke to someone else after and we both agreed that we both felt blessed and were led to go to this divine service. It is now and forever embedded in my future. You need to forgive before you will be forgiven…” ~Kathy Bair

“I came to the Healing Service with the hopes of getting pain relief in my back. After the beautiful service, I went up front to be prayed over and through talking with Ivana (I think that was her name) and Pastor Mike, I soon discovered God had other intentions for me with what I needed relief from. My emotional well being has not been good with all the pain I am experiencing and the pain meds I am on have taken a toll on me and changed me into a person I am not happy with AT ALL! I am so depressed and easy to anger especially with the ones closest to me. I just feel terrible with some of the things I have said and done! While being prayed over, all of a sudden I took a big gasp, which came out of no where, and breathed out and felt the release of all these feelings of feeling like a failure, a disappointment, weak, mean and many other feelings. Then Ivana said the word forgiveness kept coming to her through her praying, And Mike said the same thing. They were spot on. I am so hard on myself and beat myself up all the time. Mike asked me to say “God I know you forgive me and God I forgive myself.” I repeated those words a few times and oh my gosh the feeling of relief came over me so strong. Ivana said “look at you Nancy, you came up here with your shoulders all forward and you are now standing tall and straight with confidence.” It was absolutely amazing! I have continued to say those words since that night and it is helping. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Ivana and Mike for this gift of letting it all go.” ~Nancy Collins

“On December 13, I attended my first Healing Service. I did not know what to expect. Quite honestly, my mind went to the old style evangelists that my friends and I laughed at on tv when I was a teenager. I was pleasantly surprised and emotionally overwhelmed. Pastor Mike’s message of forgiveness hit me like a sledge hammer. I am an extremely private person. I have never been able to show emotion publicly or to share my problems and worries. Imagine my surprise when I found myself sobbing and praying with a complete stranger from The Total Living Center. I came to the service with hopes of some relief from physical pain that had been crippling me for years. I was finally able to let go of my anger and resentment toward my Dad. I will forever be grateful for this.” ~Denise Nims