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While the CDC has lifted the mask mandate for all those who are fully vaccinated, we are aligning with the governor’s original announcement that all health orders will be lifted June 2, 2021. What that means for us at John Knox is that starting June 2, the following will happen:

         ~ Masks will no longer be required in our building.
         ~ All pews will be open for worshippers in our sanctuary.
         ~ Hymnals and Bibles will be returned to ALL pew racks.
         ~ The offering plates may be passed during our services.
         ~ We will resume using traditional communion elements.
         ~ Coffee may be served.

We still plan to provide opportunity for those who wish to watch our services online.  It may happen that we will discontinue the livestreaming but will instead record each service and upload them to our YouTube channel for viewing at home.  The only difference this makes to our viewers is that they won’t be able to watch the services “live” at 9:00 and 11:00.  They will be available on YouTube by early afternoon on Sunday.  The details of this are still being worked out, so if you have strong feelings about the possibility of not being able to watch “live” right at 9 or 11, please contact Pastor Mike or a Session member.

Praise and glory go to God who has seen us through this very difficult time.  There was never a moment that He has left us or forsaken us.  We are anxious to have full pews once again and lots of face-to-face meetings and Bible studies.  Our church is thriving, and it will be nice to see everyone’s smiling faces!!!

In Christ,

Session of JKPC

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