Sermon 2019.06.23 from John Knox on Vimeo.

True or False - Part 1

- 6/23/2019

Two basic kinds of tests given multiple ________ and __________/____________.  

Did God ___________ say? 

To move away from truth is not just confusing, not just costly, not just hurtful, but instead it is ____________. 

Jesus’ trial is founded on false ____________, false ____________ and a false ______________.
John 18:33-38

Everyone on the side of ______________ listens to ________.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our _______ ; my greatest concern is to be on _______ _______, for God is always right.”

The answer to this determines your destiny so you and I better be right…
“______ ___ _______?”

What did Pilate do after he asked the question? ______________________________________

But the important thing is not that he ________ ____ ________, but what he failed to do with it.

The voice of truth still speaks loud and clear to those who will listen...Pilate _______ _____...Peter told __ _____...Judas _______ __ _____

The Word of God falls on _______ soil, it falls on _______ soil, it falls on _______ soil and it falls on _______ soil.

Sanctify them by the _______; Your Word is _______.” John 17:17

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