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Sermon Series: Home

The relationships that we have in our families are critical to our lives. One of the biggest pain points for people today are difficulties in our families. How do I save my marriage? How do I become a good parent? We all have these questions. There is no doubt that relationships are challenging but the good news is that the Bible shares foundational principles to help us be the families that God created us to be. Beginning on January 14th, we will delve into a five-week series called “Home: A Series about Family" that focuses on these relationships and God’s will for us.

    January 14 Healthy Families Are God’s Idea
    January 21 Healthy Families Put God First
    January 28 Healthy Families Have Conversations about God
    February 4 Healthy Families Serve Each Other
    February 11 Healthy Families Lavish Grace 

We have set a goal this year to reach out and move people closer to Jesus. Inviting someone to be present for this sermon series could be an amazing way to fulfill this goal. This series will be relevant and will speak to needs that our friends and neighbors are experiencing. Who will you invite to join us?