International and US Missions and Missionaries Supported by JKPC

CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ International US)

··→ Brook Mitterholzer –Serving in Greater Cleveland and Northeast Ohio, our staff team currently has a ministry presence on 7 of our 18 campuses where we have a vision to reach 200,000 college students with the Gospel. The need for laborers is great in NE Ohio with less than 4,000 of the 200,000 college students gathering with other Christians in concentrated ways among all church groups. It is an unreached population.

··→ Dave and Susan Broadwell -live in Orlando, Florida with their three children and Dave serves Cru, He is a leader for spreading the JESUS Film Project throughout the world and has traveled to many countries so far.

··→ John and Karen Winkelman - live in Little Rock, Arkansas and they both serve with Family Life, a ministry under CRU. Family Life is focused on working with couples in both a pre-marriage and marriage setting and helping to restore marriages in trouble. They have four children.

CCO (Coalitionfor Christian Outreach)

··→ Kris Herman- ministers to students at Kent State University A 1998 graduate of Malone University, Kris earned a bachelor’s degree in Bible and Theology.“My college experience with the CCO and CCO staff was life-changing and faith-building,” says Kris. “I want to give back! I want to bless other students just as I was blessed. When I was in college, I grew to love Jesus and a Biblical worldview and I want to help KSU students do the same.”

The Paraguay Outreach

··→ Sue Givens - served for many years as the founder and Administrator for New Horizon Methodist School in Lambaré, Paraguay through United World Mission. She, with the help of the community and other mission support, has grown the school to the size it is
today.  She has scaled back some of her duties and works closely with securing sponsorships for students through Samaritan Hands and helping out families in the local community. For the latest on Paraguay click here.

Serge Grace at the Fray

··→  Laurel Kehl -grew up in NE Ohio, but went out of state in order to study music therapy at Western Michigan University. The Lord intervened in that career path to lead her to CRU, where she served 38 years, 15 of them overseas, one in Communist Poland and 14 years in Moscow, Russia. She first met Serge staff at a Sonship conference in Moscow, which impacted her life at one of her lowest points of ministry. From there she used her furloughs to study Christian counseling at Philadelphia Biblical University, where she earned a Masters Degree. Laurel loves developing people, especially those serving in difficult parts of the world.

Far Corners Missions

··→ Ray and Dora Tewksbury - serves Far Corners Missions with their focus on the House of Hope. (We have been asked not to disclose the location). They have three adult sons and have been like foster parents to a number of the children where they serve.  Some of them have disabilities which require extra support.

Faith Global Missions

··→ Teri Nichols - does evangelizing, teaching and discipling with International Graduate and post-Doctoral female students at Purdue University. She attends Faith Church in Lafayette, Indiana where they are well known for their Biblical counseling certification program.

TEAMS for Medical Missions

··→ John and Linda Heater - the directors of TEAMS for Medical Missions which serves in Jamaica. They are responsible for coordinating medical and evangelism and teaching teams four times a year. John also is responsible for securing permanent missionaries to Jamaica with TEAMS and oversees the Bible Training Center. John and Linda reside in Emmaus, Pennsylvania.

··→ J Team - is a short-term ministry team of volunteers sent four times a year to Jamaica. These are medical teams of doctors, pharmacists and nurses but also include teachers for evangelism and disciple making. There is also a team of builders who construct a small house for a needy individual or family.

Our Church has provided the funds for the cost of building the home. Over the Years, we
have sent over 15 members from our Church on these mission trips. The most active members from our church have been:

▶ Larry Wiggins (16 trips) builder/encourager,

▶ Lata Wiggins (25 trips) physician,

▶ Candy Kovey (15 trips) pharmacist

▶ Sue Carey (4 trips) pharmacist

They all have a strong commitment of serving the Jamaican’s spiritual and physical needs. They are very thankful for the devotion and the support  John Knox Church has for TEAMS
for Medical Missions.

Presbyterian World Mission

··→ Rev. Paula Cooper- As the regional liaison for the African countries of Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, and Zambia, Paula Cooper facilitates PC (USA) relationships with partner churches and institutions. Paula provides support for PC (USA) mission personnel in the region and the Young Adult Volunteer program. She assists PC (USA) congregations and presbyteries that are or that want to be in a relationship with partners in East Central Africa. This includes working with PC (USA) mission groups to help plan itineraries that promote healthy partnerships between Presbyterians in the United States and Christians in Africa.

One Great Hour of Sharing


··→ Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) annual offering to raise funds in three different areas of giving:

1. Self Development of People which assists people in different parts of the world with
the means to become more self-sufficient. 

2. Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, which helps rebuild hope after disasters such as
earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, fires, and mud slides. 

3. Presbyterian Hunger Program helps with programs to stop hunger such as organizing community gardens, education on nutrition, finance management and entrepreneurship.

Local Missions Supported by JKPC

Interfaith Ministry at Kent State Stark and Stark State College

We staff an informational table five times a semester where we invite students to enter a drawing to the college’s bookstore. The entry slip also allows the student to include a prayer request. These prayer requests are handed out to some of our members. We try to engage in conversation and see if there is any additional support that we may offer including our food pantry at the church. We often have a number of books that church members have donated that are free for students to take. Our church works with the Interfaith Campus Ministry’s Executive Director, Ryan Johanning.

Interfaith Campus Preschool and Child Care Center

Since 1977, Interfaith Campus Preschool and Child Care Center has taken a stand to support the children of the surrounding universities and community. A joint effort developed by Interfaith Campus Ministry, John Knox Presbyterian Church, State College, Kent State University, the State of Ohio aspired to bring a safe, affordable, accessible, and high-quality learning environment to the local populace. Over 40 years later, this ambition has matured into a flourishing reality.

Our church interacts with the preschool throughout the year. We provide weekly mystery readers, book drives, spring container garden preparation, and teacher appreciation luncheon.

Lake Cable Elementary School (Jackson)

The school is less than mile from our church and we have fostered a relationship over the years by giving teachers a small appreciation gift in the spring, offering prayer, and offering volunteers for special event days. This year the district’s family crisis intervention team has called us at certain times asking for assistance with a family needing clothing and or food.

Canton Calvary Mission

Canton Calvary Mission is located in NE Canton, one of the poorest areas in Stark County.  Many of the people living in the area are victims of plant closures, employers moving out of the area and the out-sourcing of jobs. Some of the folks have lived in generational poverty, while others are finding themselves in a new situation. The Mission seeks to serve these folks in need through its programs including a Food Pantry, Hot Meals twice a week, free haircuts, tutoring, a children's art program and much more. 

Our church sponsors at least one of the hot meals a year. We provide all the food and volunteers to support the hot meal to serve 150 to 200 people.

Pregnancy Choices

A Non-profit agency serving Stark County area women dealing with pregnancy in sometimes difficult circumstances. They offer counseling, childbirth classes, parenting classes, support groups, and baby items to help women in need of assistance. 

Our church assists them every February by participating with their Baby Bottle Campaign where members fill up baby bottles with loose change, paper money and checks for Pregnancy Choices.

Local Outreach Events Hosted by JKPC

Community Week

Each year in the spring, our church reaches out to our local community with a variety of service projects that can be done in the month of May and sometimes beyond. The goal is to involve as many members in the service to our community. Last year’s projects:

▶ Veteran’s Breakfast.

▶ Ministry program to a nursing home whose residents are primarily on Medicaid

▶ Cleanup and planning the container garden for the Interfaith Campus Preschool and Child Care Center

▶ Teacher appreciation luncheon for the preschool and child care center

Block Party

Our church hosts an annual Block Party in the late summer. The entire community is invited. We average between 400 and 500 people attending the event. We have plenty of family activities and food that are all available free of charge.

Party with a Purpose

Our church recognizes there are many that are often left behind during the Christmas Season. Many of these people are the elderly and physically and intellectually disabled in our community. Each year we host a party at our church where the main focus is to prepare over 1000 gift bags for those who are often left behind. These gifts are delivered by our church members and friends to low income senior housing and nursing home facilities with low income (Medicaid) residents. Each person receives a personal visit with a message of
Christ’s blessings and his/her gift.

Care for Our Members at JKPC

Our church has four teams who minister to those in the church family who are experiencing special needs.

Visitation Team

The leaders of this team oversee visits to elderly homebound and those in nursing facilities.  They visit on a regular basis, deliver altar flowers, and also serve communion. Part of this team is our Prayer Shawl Ministry. Shawls are knitted or crocheted by church members to be given to those who are experiencing illness, grief, etc.

Communication/Card Ministry

This team stays in contact with the church family by sending cards to those who are ill or have had surgery, to college students, and to those with notable birthdays and anniversaries.

Food Ministry

This team prepares bereavement meals and a reception in the event of the death of someone in the church family. They also are on call to prepare meals in cases of emergency, such as sudden illness or surgery.

Intercessory Prayer Team

The members on this team are in deliberate prayer for the specific needs in our church family. These prayer requests are received and shared with those on the team CONFIDENTIALLY.