CCO (Coalition for Christian Outreach) https://ccojubilee.org/

Kris Herman– ministers to students at Ken State University A 1998 graduate of Malone University, Kris earned a bachelor’s degree in Bible and theology.“My college experience with the CCO and CCO staff was life-changing and faith-building,” says Kris. “I want to give back! I want to bless other students just as I was blessed. When I was in college, I grew to love Jesus and a Biblical worldview and I want to help KSU students do the same.”

The Paraguay Outreach http://www.paraguayschools.org/v3/

Sue Givens – served for many years as the founder and Administrator for New Horizon Methodist School in Lambaré, Paraguay through United World Mission. She with the help of the community and other mission support have grown the school to the size it is today.  She has scaled back some of her duties and works closely with securing sponsorships for students through Samaritan Hands and helping out families in the local community.

Serge Grace at the Fray   https://serge.org/about

Laurel Kehl – grew up in NE Ohio, but went out of state in order to study music therapy at Western Michigan University. The Lord intervened in that career path to lead her to CRU, where she served 38 years, 15 of them overseas, one in Communist Poland and 14 years in Moscow, Russia. She first met Serge staff at a Sonship conference in Moscow, which impacted her life at one of her lowest points of ministry. From there she used her furloughs to study Christian counseling at Philadelphia Biblical University, where she earned a Masters Degree. Laurel loves developing people, especially those serving in difficult parts of the world.

Far Corners Missions http://www.fc-usa.org/

Ray and Dora Tewksbury – serves Far Corners Missions with their focus on the House of Hope. (We have been asked not to disclose the location). They have three adult sons and have been like foster parents to a number of the children where they serve.  Some of them have disabilities which require extra support.

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