TEAMS for Medical Missions https://www.t4mm.org/


John and Linda Heater – the directors of TEAMS for Medical Missions which serves in Jamaica. They are responsible for coordinating medical and evangelism and teaching teams four times a year. John also is responsible for securing permanent missionaries to Jamaica with TEAMS and oversees the Bible Training Center. John and Linda reside in Emmaus, Pennsylvania.

J Team – is a short-term ministry team of volunteers sent four times a year to Jamaica. These are medical teams of doctors, pharmacists and nurses but also include teachers for evangelism and disciple making. There is also a team of builders who construct a small house for a needy individual or family.

Our Church has provided the funds for the cost of building the home. Over the Years, we have sent over 15 members from our Church on these mission trips. The most active members from our church have been:

  • Larry Wiggins (17 trips) builder/encourager,
  • Lata Wiggins (26 trips) physician,
  • Candy Kovey (16 trips) pharmacist
  • Sue Carey (5 trips) pharmacist

They all have a strong commitment of serving the Jamaican’s spiritual and physical needs. They are very thankful for the devotion and the support John Knox Church has for TEAMS for Medical Missions.

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